Western Ecological provides proven ecological advice and expertise.  We have worked throughout Western Australia, interstate and overseas and offer comprehensive fauna and flora capability for all our clients requirements.  We provide a personal and cost effective approach to project needs, providing assistance in the resources, land development and infrastructure industries.

Western Ecological staff have strong project management and communication skills, to ensure we provide our clients with an effective and efficient service, delivering timely results and the best outcome for both industry and the environment. We develop long-term working relationships with our clients to ensure best for project outcomes are achieved.

Western Ecological partners with a number of skilled sub-consultants, with experience throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  Together we form a strong network that enables clients to engage a tailor-made team for their specific project requirements. Through a collaborative team approach, Western Ecological is able to provide the following services:

Fauna Surveys

Western Ecological provides a comprehensive suite of zoological services.  We have a team of qualified and experienced Zoologists, with diverse knowledge and understanding of fauna.

Fauna services provided by Western Ecological include:

  • Desktop surveys

  • Reconnaissance surveys

  • Fauna habitat assessments and habitat mapping

  • Level 1 fauna surveys

  • Level 2 detailed fauna surveys

  • Targeted threatened surveys (e.g. Northern Quoll, Pilbara Leaf-nosed Bat, Western Ringtail Possum, Malleefowl)

  • Black Cockatoo habitat assessments

  • Black Cockatoo hollow inspections

  • Offset site assessments

  • Trapping and relocation programmes

  • Fauna spotter

  • Fauna management plans

  • Long term population monitoring

  • Aquatic surveys

  • Shorebird surveys

  • Marine Mammal Observers

  • Marine surveys (onshore and offshore)

  • Invertebrate fauna surveys (including stygofauna, troglofauna and  short-range endemic surveys

Flora Surveys

Western Ecological provides a comprehensive suite of Botanical services.  We have a team of qualified and experienced Botanists, with diverse knowledge and understanding of flora.

Flora services provided by Western Ecological staff include:

  • Desktop surveys

  • Reconnaissance surveys

  • Detailed (level 2) flora surveys

  • Targeted threatened, rare and Priority flora surveys

  • Vegetation type and condition mapping

  • Native vegetation clearing permit applications

  • Wetland assessments and classification

  • Groundwater dependent vegetation assessments

  • Threatened ecological community assessments (including Banksia woodland assessment)

  • Weed mapping

  • Flora and vegetation management plans

  • Rehabilitation

  • Flora taxonomy