Mandogalup - Residential Development

Prior to clearing of the site, a fauna trapping and relocation programme was undertaken, focusing mainly on the Southern Brown Bandicoot.  Fauna handling expertise and on-site fauna advice was also provided during clearing.

Kwinana - Residential Development

Prior to the development of three sites in Kwinana town centre, a number of fauna relocation programmes were undertaken prior to each stage of clearing.  In total 48 Southern Brown Bandicoot (a number with pouch young) were trapped and relocated to nature reserves.  In addition a number of Brush-tail Possum and various skink species were also relocated.

Maida Vale - Residential Development

In conjunction with a Level 2 flora and vegetation assessment, Ron and Laura undertook a Level 1 fauna assessment and Black Cockatoo habitat assessment on a semi-rural site in Maida Vale.  The purpose of the assessment was to provide flora and fauna information associated with the rezoning of a large number of lots for potential residential development.

Stoneville - Residential Development

A Black Cockatoo, Western Quoll and Brush-tailed Phascogale habitat assessment was undertaken.  These surveys were required for the development of urban precincts, rural residential development, associated infrastructure and areas of public open space.